Saturday, September 27, 2014

Limited Edition Scents $3.00 each with Free Shipping!

I wish I could add all of these wonderful fragrances to our regular candle line but I can't - at least not yet. So, to liquidate the samples we've acquired, soytart wax melts are available for limited time at a discounted price of $3.00 each and free shipping!

We are constantly reviewing new fragrance oils and versions of scents we already offer, which leaves several small amounts of fragrance oil about the candle studio. These limited edition wax melts are a great way to use up those oils and once they are gone, they won't be found here at Soy Works Candle Company again.

Have you ordered some of these already and fell in love? Tell us! If we have duplicate requests for the same fragrance we may add it to our regular product line.

Click to Shop: Soy Tart Wax Potpourri Melt Singles - Limited Edition

Fragrance available include:
Apple Pecan Sage
Awapuhi - floral
Beach Daisy
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Calabrian Bergamot Violet
Carribean Coconut
Cedar Wood
Crème Brulee
Desert Sage
Dream Angels (type)
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Fiji Fruit
Hazelnut Cappuccino
Hibiscus and White Amber
Kai (type)
Key Lime Pie
Lavender Apple & Oak
Mango Mandarin
Manuka Lavender Body Wrap
Oatmeal Milk and Honey
Orange Vanilla
Patchouli Rose
Patchouli Sandalwood
Pump up the Jam - grape jam
Rum Raisin
Shower Storm
Southern Plumeria
Spice Potpourri
Sweet Iced Tea
Tall Grass
Tea Tree
Vanilla Passion
Vermont Maple Syrup
Zucchini Bread

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free Shipping on Soy Tart Wax Melts

   Soy Tart Wax Potpourri Melts

Introducing free shipping on our regular line of fragrances in our soy tarts and tart singles. Now it's even easier to sample our wonderful scents in your home or workplace. 

   Soy Tart Wax Potpourri Melts

Smells Like Fall In Here

I know fall is a few days away and the 70-80 degree weather sure doesn't make it feel like fall, but the orders flying out the door say otherwise!  We're having a run on Candy Corn, Apple Barrel Cider and Pumpkin everything!

Get yours today!

View all of our fall scents in one spot or choose one of our most popular fall scents below. 

Soy Candle - Apple Barrel Cider

Soy Candle - Candy Corn

Soy Candle - Pumpkin Pie

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Disappeared from Facebook??

Have you wondered why some of the non-friend pages you liked stopped showing up in your news feed? You know, businesses, groups, etc.?  Several of my Soy Works Candle Company followers commented in private messages that we seemed awfully quiet and when they checked our company Facebook page, were surprised to find all the stuff they had missed. 

I then realized that company pages I love, weren't in my feed anymore. I just assumed they weren't posting either...oh so wrong! 

Here's an interesting article on how to get back the stuff you want to see easily, for free and without invading your privacy.