Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who doesn't love a little Smooch?

Oh baby, it's cold outside! Keep your pucker in perfect condition with our Smooches Lip Balm.

We've combined some of nature's most moisturizing elements in a proprietary blend to nurture your lips during the harsh winter months and heat of the summer. Smooches Lip Balm glides on smooth and keeps your lips in perfect smooching condition no matter what the weather.

.15 oz white tube, unscented, unflavored
$3.50 each

Get your Smooch today!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Covered Lane Designs

Blue Plaid Knitted Bag w/ Sunny Lining
Who doesn't love a hand crafted item? I know I do! Soy Works Candle Co. is branching out into other creative outlets. While I have always made handmade items for myself and friends, I don't always offer them to my customers. Why? Mostly because the items end up being swept up by a friend or myself. However, this year I will be introducing more and more hand crafted items to our website.

We've built a FB page for Covered Lane Designs, our handmade division of Soy Works. Take a look and "Like" us if you want to keep up on our newest additions. Thanks!